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Fully Restored

Over the years Florida aero Paint, Inc, has had many repeat customers, some with multiple aircraft. Give us a call or e-mail for a customer reference list. Or visit our Pittsburgh Shops website and checkout some of the work we do there.

Florida Aero Paint also offers Maintenance

Florida Aero Paint, Inc. also offers mechanical and sheet metal services.

Why not reduce your down time by combining your paint or interior work with a fresh annual or 100hr inspection.

Reduces aircraft downtime.

Eliminates redundant work removing and reinstalling interior.

Much easier inspection when paint is stripped and trim is removed.

Florida Aero Paint Interiors

At Florida Aero Paint we now specialize in full and partial custom leather interiors.  Have your own design or we can help select one to fit your plane.  We build everything from the frame up.  All material is aircraft certified , and we supply the paperwork to prove it.

Working in conjunction with different companies that provide affordable prices so we can now offer high quality sheet metal repair and hand fabricated parts.

Capabilities include most singles, light twins and light turbine aircraft

Want a quality job you can be proud to show, come to Florida Aero Paint, Inc.

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